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SkinClarity, Light Therapy Mask.

SkinClarity, Light Therapy Mask.

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Tired Of Acne, Sun Spots, Scars And Blemishes Ruining Your Look? Simply Press A Button And Let The SkinClarity Get To Work On Revitalising Your Face!

This medical-grade silica gel mask merges personal care with innovation and simplicity for a luxurious skincare experience. Powered by 86 LEDs, it fully harnesses red light to effortlessly erase wrinkles and restore vibrancy, blue light to balance oil production, yellow light to fade unwanted pigmentation, green light to soothe pimple swelling and redness, purple light to target blemishes and cyan light to reignite healthy skin metabolism. The built in laser function also effortlessly dismantles unwanted sun spots, smooths age lines and overall renews your skin. Thanks to the built in battery you can enjoy up-to 40 minutes a night of indulgence on a single charge. Easily elevate your looks and cost effectively embark on a new all inclusive skin care routine! It will take time to achieve the best results, do not use for more than one hour per day. 

Effortless Power: The SkinClarity's built-in battery provides up-to 40 minutes of skin therapy on a quick 1.5 hour charge, allowing you to infuse rejuvenation effortlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Comfortable Design: Embrace luxury and relaxation with the SkinClarity's thoughtful ergonomic design. Crafted from advanced medical-grade silica gel, this mask gently and comfortably envelops your face, ensuring an indulgent and soothing skincare experience.

Versatile Modes: Enjoy a skincare routine perfectly tailored to your unique needs. The SkinClarity offers a versatile spectrum of 7 distinct light modes, each designed to address a wide array of skin concerns. From targeting acne to addressing pigmentation issues, no matter your needs there is a mode for you.

Cost-Effective Revival: Reveal radiant skin without compromising your budget. The SkinClarity creates an avenue for effective and affordable skincare through the transformative power of targeted light therapy.

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