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DoorDefender Portable Security Lock

DoorDefender Portable Security Lock

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Do you worry about your safety and security when traveling or living in a rental? Then our DoorDefender has you Covered!

The DoorDefender is a must-have for those who frequently lose sleep over their safety. This stainless-steel portable lock is travel-sized and includes a free storage bag for easy transport. It can quickly secure any door, providing peace of mind in any situation. Whether you're a frequent traveler or unable to install permanent deadbolts, the DoorDefender is the ideal solution. Its ability to withstand up to 500kg of force ensures that your safety will never be compromised. Invest in the DoorDefender and enjoy the freedom and security of traveling or renting without worry, as your safety and peace of mind should always be priceless.

Strong & Durable: In any break-in situation the DoorDefender can withstand up to 500kg of pushing force and wont give in no matter how long it has to hold for.

Rental Friendly: No matter where you live, the DoorDefender provides an ideal solution for securing your bedroom or front door, perfect for those who cannot install permanent deadbolts.

Safety Investment: Invest in your safety and peace of mind with a DoorDefender, the stainless-steel portable lock that allows you to feel secure anywhere you travel to.

Travel Light: Its stainless-steel construction is travel-sized and includes a free storage bag for easy transport.

DISCLAIMER: Lavarge accepts no responsibility if this product fails to prevent a break-in. 

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