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LapMate, Protective Laptop Cushion.

LapMate, Protective Laptop Cushion.

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Ironically, The Last Place You'd Want A Laptop To Be, Is On Your Lap! These Devices Emit Radiation And Heat, Which Could Be Putting Your Reproductive And Overall Health Seriously At Risk!

Most people tell you to put a pillow or a folded blanket down as a barrier, but trying to keep your device from slipping off, or even just trying to use a mouse can be a real pain, not to mention the fact that doing this is terrible for your devices internal cooling systems often clogging them up with dust and even causing the batteries to overheat. Which is why we created the LapMate, for comfortable, secure and most importantly health-conscious laptop use. Designed with your convenience in mind, whether you're a busy professional, a student, or just a casual user, this innovation combines practicality with comfort and transforms your workspace into a haven of health, comfort and productivity.

Anti-Slip Fabric: The bottom cushion portion is made using a soft synthetic anti-slip fabric. So you can rest assured the LapMate wont slip away from you, even if you’re moving around to take a sip of coffee or check your phone it’ll stay securely in place, allowing you to focus on your work or entertainment without interruptions and stop your expensive laptop from sliding away onto the ground.

Protective Barrier: The LapMate creates a barrier between your laptop and your body so you can easily and effectively safeguard your groin from the heat and radiation being emitted by your device. By putting a comfortable and easy to use barrier between the base of your laptop and your body, you’re able to effectively and efficiently protect your reproductive health and testosterone levels.

Efficient Airflow: Unlike a traditional pillow or blanket, the LapMate ensures enough air can reach your laptop, allowing its internal cooling system to perform at its best. It’s been designed this way to prevent overheating and to help stop your laptops cooling fans, vents and channels from getting clogged up with dust and other grime. So regardless of how long you need to use your laptop for, or even if you need to recharge it while in use, you can rest assured that when using the LapMate, overheating will never be an issue.

Strong Top: The LapMate features a hard carbon fiber top that provides sturdy non-slip support for your laptop, or for you to write important notes in your workbook. Whether you're working in a bustling cafe, waiting at the Airport or just lounging on a beanbag at home, you can rest assured your device and the important work it contains is being supported by the same strong and lightweight material used in high end supercars.

Universal Size: The top tray of the LapMate provides more than enough space to accommodate most laptops comfortably. From the smallest of notebooks to the behemoths found in the gaming world, you can be confident that whatever device you’re using the LapMate will easily support it. While the bottom cushion portion will fit on any lap without creating pressure imbalances, so you can work or play with ease.

Mouse Friendly: Sometimes the trackpad on your laptop just isn’t accurate enough, if you work in the graphic design field, love gaming or just prefer the control a mouse provides we’re sure you can relate. But the problem is, unless you’re sitting at a desk your mouse is all but useless. The LapMate solves this problem by giving you a mobile, comfortable and health-conscious way to use your laptop and mouse anywhere you see fit, as its carbon fiber top doubles as a very effective mouse pad.  

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