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LitterHive, Mess-Free Mat

LitterHive, Mess-Free Mat

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Are You Tired of Crunchy Footsteps Around Your Cats Litter Area? Then Say Hello To The LitterHive & Enjoy A Clean, Hassle-Free Litter Tray Environment!

Featuring a two-layer honeycomb design, specially crafted to trap stray litter pushed out of the box by your feline friend. The upper layer is designed with a through-hole material, allowing litter to pass through easily, while the lower layer is made of waterproof mess trapping EVA plastic. Its hexagonal hole concave and convex design not only prevents litter from splashing but also provides a soft touch to stop your cat from turning it into a scratching mat. Designed with convenience in mind, the LitterHive is forty by fifty centimeters in size and boasts front and rear velcro openings for effortless placement and litter disposal. Plus, its reusability not only reduces waste but also saves you money in the long run.

Convenient Openings: Front and rear openings enable easy, effortless litter disposal, saving you time and keeping your hands clean.

Dual-Layer Honeycomb: Efficiently traps stray litter while providing a gentle surface for your cat's paws.

Durable & Washable: Made from high elastic EVA material, the LitterHive is durable and easy to clean, making it long-lasting and cat-friendly.

Waterproof Design: Collects litter and mess, ensuring easy cleanup and a crunch-free environment.


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