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LunaLamp, RGB Moon Light.

LunaLamp, RGB Moon Light.

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Want To Elevate The Lighting Of Your Space? Then Grab A LunaLamp And Enjoy Its Soft, Relaxing Glow!

This moon shaped RGB lamp has 16 colour modes and will bring a touch of soft calming light to any room. It comes with a remote control, wooden stand, power cable and has a built-in battery for uninterrupted illumination. Enhance your space with its captivating lunar design, promising a colour combination for any mood. Replace your traditional lamp with this functional and stylish alternative. The LunaLamp is a practical and aesthetically pleasing lighting upgrade, providing soft, relaxing light for any and all settings. 

16 Modes: Tailor your lighting to any mood or occasion with 16 vibrant colour modes. Whether you crave a serene, soothing glow or a vibrant burst of energy, the LunaLamp has you covered.

Built-In Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures you can enjoy LunaLamp's soft, relaxing glow anywhere you want to put it.

Elegant Stand: The LunaLamp comes with a lightweight wooden stand that complements any décor style. After all, you don't want your light rolling away on you.

Remote Control: Adjust the brightness, colour and modes effortlessly with the included remote control. Customise any rooms lighting from the comfort of your couch or bed.

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