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Magic Sponge, Micro Foam Body Cleanser. (2 Pack)

Magic Sponge, Micro Foam Body Cleanser. (2 Pack)

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Throw Away Your Old Crusty Bacteria Filled Loofa, Because It’s Time You Stopped Scrubbing Your Body With Germs And Started Scrubbing The Germs Off Your Body!

The Magic Sponge is a game-changer for anyone’s daily cleansing routine, as it’s crafted using a fine mesh of micro-pore foam. Which means not only is it incredibly absorbent, so you can make the most out of your body wash, but it's also a powerful exfoliant, effortlessly brushing away dead skin cells and banishing unwanted bacteria. With one of these in your bathroom you can say goodbye to sweat, grime and gunk as that micro-pore foam will quickly get to work ensuring every inch of your skin is thoroughly cleansed. All so you can step out of each shower feeling invigorated, revitalised, and ready to take on whatever the day has to throw at you.

Super Absorbent: The micro-pore foam is able to absorb up to 4 times more water and soap than traditional loofas or other body sponges. Because let’s face it body wash isn’t getting any cheaper and there’s no sense letting it quite literally go down the drain by using a subpar sponge, the absorbent capabilities of the Magic Sponge allow you to get the most out of each bottle!

Ridiculously Durable: The worst thing about loofas and other sponges is that after a week they get worn out, droopy and overall, just gross to use. You won’t have that problem with the Magic Sponge as it’s designed like a memory foam pillow. Meaning it will quickly bounce back to its original shape and will not retain water, which combined with its quick drying capabilities mean it holds roughly 70% less bacteria than other body sponges!   

Soft Touch: Although it’s tough on dead skin and grime it won’t leave your skin feeling raw, that micro-pore foam we have mentioned a few times already is designed to be abrasive but not scratchy so when its wet it can and will easily rub away any dead un-attached skin and grime, but it’s not powerful enough to rub off the top layer of living skin. So overall you won’t be walking out of each shower looking like you’ve just slid bare naked along a footpath!

Anti-Bacterial: It will rapidly dry and will not hold water for extended periods of time, this inability to become overly waterlogged means that the bacteria growth within the Magic Sponge is significantly reduced. Chances are that if you give it a good squeeze at the end of your shower, 12 or so hours later by the time you jump in for another one it will be back to being bone dry and much more sanitary than any loofa ever could be!

Comes in a pack of two.

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