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MicroPolish Ultra-Fine Bristled Toothbrush

MicroPolish Ultra-Fine Bristled Toothbrush

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Are You Tired of Using Toothbrushes That Hurt Your Gums And Leave Your Mouth Feeling Less Than Fresh? Then Try Out A MicroPolish!

Upgrade your oral hygiene routine with the MicroPolish ultra-fine bristled toothbrush! Featuring over 100,000 80-micron thick bristles made of super soft and durable nylon, this toothbrush is specifically designed to give you the best and deepest teeth cleaning experience possible, without damaging your gums. The fine bristles of the MicroPolish are able to get close to the gums, providing a gentle and effective clean that goes 10 times deeper than a regular toothbrush. With its long-lasting nylon bristles and durable handle, this toothbrush is the perfect long-term solution for maintaining a healthy smile. Available in four stylish colours: black, white, green, and pink, the MicroPolish is a must-have for those seeking a deep clean and gentle treatment for their gums, brighten your smile today!

Deeper Clean: With over 100,000 ultra-fine bristles, the MicroPolish provides a 10x deeper clean than regular toothbrushes, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Gentle Treatment: The MicroPolish's fine bristles get close to gums without causing any damage, providing gentle and effective treatment that promotes healthy gums.

Stylish Colours: Choose from four colour options, black, white, green and pink each designed to suit any style and add a touch of colour to your bed-time routine.

Fresh Feeling: The MicroPolish toothbrush provides a fresh feeling after each use, effectively removing mouth odour and ensuring a clean, healthy mouth.

Durable Design: Made with super soft and durable nylon material, the MicroPolish is built to last, making it a long-term investment in your oral hygiene.

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